Baby Bike version: 1 – 2 years (riders with inside leg measurement of 25cm)

Tricycle: 2 - 4 years

Bounce Bike version: 2 – 3 years

Balance Bike version: 1.5 – 5 years

Max User Weight

30kg /4.7 stone


Length: 95.4–99 cm / 37.6”–39”

Seat Height: 25–47 cm / 9.8”–18.5”

Wheel Diameter: front 14", rear 12"

Product Weight: 3.3kg / 7lb


Dimensions: 99 cm / 39” (L) x 47 cm / 18.5” (W)

Seat Height: 39.7 – 49.2 cm / 15.6” – 19.4”

Product Weight: 6 kg / 13 lb (complete Tricycle)


Frame & Front Fork: Lacquered Birch Plywood (treated with weather and moisture-resistant coating)

Front Fork Joint & Seat: PUR (polyurethane)

Wheels: Alloy hub, wire tension-spokes with alloy rim, pneumatic rubber tyres.

Tyres: with lightweight inflatable tires made with quality rubber and a high TPI which provide additional puncture protection. Inflatable tyres allow adjustment of the pressure for a softer rider or a better roll. An optimal average pressure is 1,4 bar but it can be adjusted accordingly. The tyres are equipped with a Schrader vale which allows for easy pumping. 

Pedal Mount & Cargo Box: lacquered birch plywood

Pedals: lacquered birch plywood, polyamide

Belt: durable rubber


Quick and Easy Assembly. Instructions available here.


Designed and made in Europe


CE certified


5 years