1. Play Chip

Play Chip is our most popular safety surfacing option. We only use high quality play chip, with treated timber surround and a heavy-duty membrane base. This offers a safe playing environment and all year-round use.

2. Safety Grass Mats

These are 1.5m x 1m black rubber mats which are pegged in place over grass. They allow grass to grow through, so they are ideal for muddy, boggy lawns. The mats will quickly blend in the garden as the grass grows. 

3. Artificial Grass

We can offer luxury artificial grass which is mess free and ideal for all year-round use.

4. Wet Pour

Wet pour is a continuous rubber surface that gives a high quality, hard wearing, slip resistant surface requiring little or no maintenance. It is predominantly used for commercial projects, particularly playgrounds.


For residential projects, safety surfacing options are optional most of the times. If your garden climbing frame does not have a Critical Fall Height of over 2m and is situated on grass, you don’t need safety surfacing. Most of our customisable climbing frames have a platform height of either 1.5m or 1.8m – so their Critical Fall Height is lower than 2m. Despite this, some of our customers still choose to add safety surfacing for extra safety and aesthetics, particularly when they want to separate the play area from the rest of their garden.

For commercial projects, our commercial team can advise on all the safety surfacing options to ensure compliance with local regulations.